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Over the past 20 years I have been trying to recommend pillows for my patients that would put their head in the correct position so that they could get a great nights sleep and wake up rested. I could not find one, I would have patients purchase soft down pillows and stuff them under their necks. I found that a conventional pillow would loose its shape and end up on the floor. The problem is that a pillow is for your head and you can not support your head to get a great night sleep.


When I set out to design a pillow I designed it for your neck and still named it as a support for your head. I feel that the name is not consistent with its intention. That is why I am creating a different name that is more consistent with the corrective nature of neck traction and the comfort of a soft pillow that is designed to be used for 8 hours a night. We are defining a new category which deserves a new name. Introducing


It is a place where your neck goes to rest every night. THE NECK NEST is designed to be a sleep support for your NECK not your HEAD. Use the neck nest every night to get a GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP while correcting your CERVICAL SPINE.


The Neck Nest’s patent pending design will redefine the way you sleep. Giving you the most comfortable 8 hours of sleep that you have ever had, Guaranteed or your money back.

Neck Nest Highlights



Innovative design

The Neck Nest is like a hug for your neck. It is designed to be used multiple ways to suit your sleeping needs.

Custom Fit

2 separate chambered design which allows for you to add and remove fill to make it your perfect pillow.

Help improve your spine’s state of health

By sleeping on your back with your neck supported correctly you can help offset the damaging effects of texting. prolonged computer work and our forward head posture lifestyles.  FEATURED ON CBS NEWS Watch video Click Here.

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2 Chamber Design

The 8 Hour Pillow will not lose its shape and can be custom filled to fit your exact sleeping needs.

Improve your sleep improve your health

Studies show that getting a better quality of sleep can improve the longevity of your life.

so you can add or take out fill to make it YOUR perfect pillow.

All Natural Material

We use only the finest cotton for the shell and a natural micro feather fill.



What People Are Saying!

From the first night I have never slept so amazing!      Visi

I didn’t think I would like it but I have been getting very restful sleep I can not believe it.  Pat M

Wanted you know I love my Neck Nest.I had been waiting over a year for it.  Had taken Dr. Martone’s advice about sleeping on one’s back, and had pretty well mastered that.  I wear an under the nose nasal mask with my cpap machine and realized back sleeping was the best way not to have air leakage. Your pillow just makes me more secure.  Also, using the cpap and 8 hour pillow, I do not have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom.  I’m usually in bed 7 or 8 hours, and am thinking that 6 or so hours during that time is solid sleeping.

Sally R


I am so glad you made me stick with using the pillow. Once I got used to it I have slept better than I ever have. Thank You.



Getting a perfect Night sleep starts with an UNDERSTANDING of SLEEP HABITS. In order to sleep better you have to establish better sleep habits. At The Neck Nest we believe that the journey ONLY STARTS with a purchase of your NECK NEST. After purchasing a NEST you will receive Dr. Peter Martone’s sleep videos which will help you establish proper sleep habits.

Start Your Journey NOW for FREE.

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